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Can Online Gambling Ever Become Safe and Transparent Business?

If there is a business out there that is in need of more transparency and reliability, it is probably the $500 bln online gambling industry. The latest company to join the Blockchain frenzy is the decentralized LetBet Platform. Its premise is quite simple, allow players to gamble without third-party meddling. In other words, engage in bank-free and central authority-free betting.

NH Bank Joins R3 Blockchain Consortium

Korean banking giant Nonghyup (NH) Bank, which specializes in agricultural and commercial credit and banking services in South Korea, has joined the R3 Blockchain consortium, according to reports from local media.

Bancor Releases Six Month Update, Seeing Uptick in Adoption

After raising over $150 mln in its token generation event the Bancor ICO has issued its first major update regarding its platform. The announcement includes information regarding adoption of the Bancor Blockchain protocol, along with statistics for how many tokens are now tradable through the Bancor system.

The Vault Within Your Smartphone

You recently bought a Tesla car, and although you don’t understand how it works, you’re happy about whatever’s under the hood because of a smooth, seamless driving experience. The same thing applies to the Blockchain. What’s interesting to mass-market users is not the technology per se, but the value it holds.