Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Domain Names Hotter Than Ever

The history of domain names dates back to over three decades ago when the first ever .com name,, was registered by a Massachusetts based computer manufacturing company, Symbolics Inc. on March 15, 1985. Ever since, the domain name marketplace has grown significantly and today some highly demanded domain names sell for millions of dollars.

This year has been one to remember in the Blockchain industry with mainstream recognition[1] and adoption beginning to accelerate. One of the sectors that is enjoying a corresponding peak in interest is the world of Blockchain[2] and cryptocurrency domain names. Be it for marketing and advertising, brand recognition for a technology, or simply to promote a new product or service, quality Blockchain and cryptocurrency domain names are a hot asset.

Digital land rush

While many new investors entering into the industry are focusing on their initial cryptocurrency purchases, there is a digital gold rush taking place with high quality Blockchain domain names.  The Ethereum Name Service (ENS)[3] auctioning of decentralized domain names has been a huge, hit with millions of dollars worth of sales having taken place.  While usage and overall popularity of .ETH or other decentralized domain names is minimal, the trend is likely be continue in growth.

Continuing the theme with ETH, the domain name has recently been up for sale for close to $10 mln. Several months ago the domain name was purchased by a well known domain name investor[4], Sharjil Saleem, for $2 mln.

As big as it gets

Perhaps the most impressive of the recent domain offerings is not a single name but a group of them.  President of Blockchain TV, Jason Cassidy, has assembled over 500+ of the best Blockchain domain names for sale. The portfolio is being put on the market for the first time with a price tag of $6 mln

If somebody buys the group, it could go down as the biggest ever single sale in the domain name industry, thanks to Blockchain technology and its associated opportunities[5]. With all of the interest and sales taking place for cryptocurrency and Blockchain domain names in 2017, the table looks to be set for an explosive 2018 and onward.