The future is what we do

Our roadmap helps us to share with third parties what we are working on and where we’re taking our projects.
We’ve decided to create something aesthetically pleasant and accessible to everyone interested in having a dialogue with us and with everyone who decides to invest on us.

Non responsability disclaimer: This roadmap is passible of changes or modifications in the coming future. It does not represent a promise of development of any type. Instead it works more as an indication of the direction taken by our development team in a certain moment.

Cryptofarm building site start

1 June 2018

Installation of the first Cryptomobile

1 May 2018

Development of wallet solutions

1 February 2018

Bitcoin Mining server test

1 November 2017

Design sketches of MinersONE chassis

15 October 2017

Analysis of ATM market

1 October 2017

Cryptofarm implementation

1 September 2017

Cryptomobile implementation

1 September 2017

Start of Mobilemining software development

1 June 2017

Idea and development of blockchain applications

2 January 2017

The Blockchain boom just started

1 January 2017