Orioncoin Further Unveils Loyalty Program Blockchain Platform

Cointelegraph is bringing continuous updates about the companies that made significant input to the recent BlockShow Asia[1] conference in Singapore. This time it is a company called Orioncoin and its CEO – Woanjen Tang.

His main goal of participating at the Blockshow was to achieve market awareness and educate people about what Orioncoin (ORC) will bring to the world and promote Orioncoin’s long-term vision and agenda. But that’s not all he is driven by, and he wants to support the Blockshow event because of the good role the Blockshow played in bringing Blockchain startups and all people together.

Next-generation marketing model

Orioncoin (ORC)[2] is the next-generation multi-tiered loyalty and marketing platform which harnesses the power of the Blockchain to turbocharge merchandising revenue in ways that traditional models cannot.

Tang comments[3] to Cointelegraph:

“We make loyalty points on our own Blockchain. We basically just simply provide a Blockchain technology to the loyalty point system, which can increase value. We move the development forward through loyalty points, which they can have for free and use the coin access to the cryptocurrency market.”

Connecting East and West

At BlockShow Asia, Woanjen Tang revealed his preparations for a new Blockchain platform that addresses the complications with traditional loyalty programs. In Singapore just last month, Tang explained[4] his Blockchain based loyalty program based on their universal ORC cryptocurrency that can be redeemed throughout various loyalty programs or simply cashed out.

As BlockShow Asia was interested in ways to bridge the gap between the Eastern and Western Blockchain scenes, Cointelegraph asked Tang if he believed it is important to connect the Eastern and the Western Blockchain scenes. He believes it is inevitable!

“Blockchain technology is developing every day and people are advancing to the next level in technology. People are coming closer together as a global village. Distance is no longer a problem day by day because of today’s infrastructures and technologies. The reality is people are connecting even stronger together through Blockchain far greater than anyone can understand today. A new world is forming, the largest country on earth: “Online”: with people as the government and Blockchain as the weapon.”

In addition, Orioncoin chose ‘The Final Frontier of Cryptocurrency’ as their main topic at BlockShow Asia. When asked why he chose this as a topic the ambitious CEO told us:

“In short, we are aiming to be bold and I have a vision and agenda for Orioncoin. It’s about life and death and the real purpose of human beings. The cryptocurrency that will change the world more than anyone could ever imagine now. Orioncoin will be the final frontier of cryptocurrency.”

Future plans

The company is doing a lot of marketing work to boost the Orioncoin crowdsale from Dec. 18, 2017 to March 18, 2018. Besides this, they will also be announcing and introducing new Blockchain IoT products and two new online platforms for Orioncoin. So be sure to stay tuned for that.

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