The Technology To Unite the Planet: Interview with TravelChain CEO

Can you imagine the world without geographical and political borders?

Ilya Orlov, CEO at TravelChain[1], can. He told us how to do it and what role Blockchain plays in it at BlockShow Asia[2] in Singapore.

CT: Why did you decide to do something in the travel industry in the first place? I mean it’s not a typical Blockchain application.

We started a project three years ago, but we didn’t know about the decentralized technology at the time. We were creating a market platform for travelers where they can provide services to each other.

And it didn’t work out. People were not motivated to share their information and it turned out to be a milestone we couldn’t reach.

CT: And how did you find the solution?

With tokens! Travelers get travel tokens for sharing their information. And travel businesses use this information to improve their services. So they buy it with travel tokens. And travelers get these tokens and a customized offer as a reward.

CT: Without a third party involved?

Yes. Thanks to the decentralized technology the payment goes directly to a person without any additional fees.

CT: Looks like it does solve the motivation issue.

Yes, it solves the problem of motivation and it solved the security problems and provides higher efficiency. Blockchain solves all the problems (laughs).

CT: Blockchain solves everything! (laughs)

If you use it right!

Ilya Orlov

                                                                                                Ilya Orlov at BlockShow Asia 2017, Singapore

CT: By the way, when did you first hear about the decentralized technology?

I was working in the IT sector when I first heard about it. Back then Bitcoin cost something about hundred dollars. I did not buy any at the time. But then a year and a half ago I heard about Blockchain and started looking into what it is…And I am a happy man now! The whole economy is down but this industry is striving!

CT: You seem to be really excited about!  

I mean it is so cool to be in the Blockchain and crypto community! Everybody is so active, everybody has so much energy and the whole world are looking at us right now. And we have an opportunity to change this world for real, you know, for the first time in history when data can be owned by everyone.

CT: Where do you see the best implementation of the Blockchain technology?

I think the main thing this technology can do is to unite the whole planet.

CT: How’s that?

Can you imagine the planet without borders?

CT: You mean geographical borders?

I mean the world with the decentralized government.

CT: What do you mean?

I see it as a unified system and database, where all the information is transparent. And that motivates people. If you realize that your actions have consequences everybody will know about, it definitely makes you think twice and makes you want to be much better person.


TravelChain at BlockShow Asia 2017, Singapore